nunArt Residency
Things in disorder naturally move towards order. This implicit tendency is followed on the most basic levels within our bodies, then shutters outward to our behaviors and interactions in everyday life. United not through our cultural backgrounds or artistic histories, we found a chance for unfettered communication through our feminine identities as a collective. Being women, we are subject to a different type of control and freedom based on the relationship between our personal narratives and societal expectations. In this duality we can explore all aspects of femininity and whether there is a place for gender in the modern world.
Barcelona, Spain | nunArt Guinardó

Research Control is a state of chaos

Dance: Isabella Boldt | Clàudia Ferrando | Julia Hehlke | Nana Anine | Larissa Potapov | Doria Worden | Ann-Leonie Niss | Wiebke Schwittay | Lina Lev

Photos: Ann-Leonie Niss
Video edit: Larissa Potapov
Camera: Jana Blume