MARCUS GNADT (contrabass)

What is Schöne Bühne?
And they said, „You do not have to worry about the routine …“. Then they played and played more.

An impression through expression of impression. We invite you to a cozy but fiery sensory experience between music, dance and image. Lying, sitting or standing, distributed in space and time. Listening together and watching … Eyes closed or open? For 60 min. we move into the depths and waves of the finest sounds. For the musicians, dancers and visual artists, it is time to get out of the routine – into the pleasure of the unknown – of free improvisation.

The Schöne Bühne was founded by Anne Kuechler and Stefanie Tübinger in 2018. As part of the Gewerkschaft e.V., they want to offer artists of visual, sound, language, dance and movement a space for solstice – as well as jointly designed scenarios. Cross-disciplinary artists meet and play for 60 min. The game moves between form and formlessness and is increasingly shaped by the momentary impulses of the players. An open space for familiar and unknown, detours, and new connections.

Visit for more details and to learn about the other great projects hosted by this organization!Contrabass, piano, and dance creates one hour of mysterious, wild and unpredictable improvisation before your eyes.
Hamburg | Gewerkstatt e.V.

15.12.2019 19:00

Dance: Isabella Boldt | Clàudia Ferrando | Julia Hehlke | Verena Piwonka | Larissa Potapov | Doria Worden | Jasmine Fan | Lina Lev

Thanks to Stephanie Tübinger for organizing this event!

Photos: Patrick Sobottka