Treffpunkt Speech(less) is the staging of an experiment, performed with several groups in several countries, this time in collaboration with Kollektiva. and guest dancers Victoria Davis and Emilie Lund.

In her on-going research, Annika Kompart invites dancers to move to the New Year's speeches of their country leaders, and in turn to the speech of the leader from her own country, Germany.

The audience experiences the movement of the dancers, an interpretation of a language and a speech that can be completely foreign to those listening. Can spoken word be transmitted by a body to an audience when the word cannot be understood by the ears?
K3 Tanzplan Hamburg | Probebühne Eins

30.01.2020 19:30

Choreography & Concept: Annika KompArt

Dance: Nana Anine | Claudia Ferrando | Annika Kompart | Victoria Davis | Emilie Lund | Wiebke Schwittay

Photos: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

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